3D Furniture Modeling Services

Xarpie Labs specializes in product visualization especially for the furniture industry – for product design,3D modeling and digital catalogs. Virtual showroom walkthroughs with complete immersion into products and their features, help sellers showcase their product range and allow customers a safe, contactless experience in their shopping experience.

Virtual shopping solutions give businesses the ability to draw customers from anywhere in the world. Our virtual furniture store solutions include

  • sales representative-guided tours,
  • personalized online shopping experience,
  • virtual access of the physical store from any location.

3D Modeling of Products

3D models of furniture can be embedded on websites to allow customer interaction with each piece of inventory. Web optimized product visualization for e-commerce is helping companies market their product catalogs immersively. Xarpie Labs uses advanced techniques in 3D modeling and photorealistic rendering which deliver design, proportions, aesthetics and functionality of any furniture model, product/merchandise, and also its setting or placement.

Virtual Store Solutions

Xarpie Labs creates interactive 360 virtual tours that may be hosted on a website or viewed through virtual reality (VR) headsets right from the comfort of their own homes and offices. Our virtual tours can range from simple 360-degree capture of existing brick and mortar stores to completely virtual stores – both allowing customizations, triggers for queries, and integration with online shopping carts.

Online Product Configurators

Urban life needs innovative space utilization solutions. Xarpie Labs can design a custom online product configurator solution for the modern requirements of transformable furniture, for an immersive online shopping experience.

3d furniture modeling services


3d furniture modeling services

Interior Renders

3d furniture modeling services


3d furniture modeling services

Interior Renders

3d furniture modeling services

360 Virtual Tour

3D Modeling Samples

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