Hospitality Visualization Services

We, at Xarpie Labs, provide advanced web-based technology solutions for the hospitality industry. Our hospitality visualization services enable you to showcase your property with all the micro details, textures and surroundings in a realistic 360-degree visualization using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Our services may be used for existing and upcoming properties.

3D Rendering

Rendering is the final process of creating a high-resolution 2D image or animation from a scene. Xarpie Labs uses relevant techniques suited for either photorealistic or real-time rendering which deliver the drama and romance of any property or travel experience, yet to be built.

Interactive 360 Virtual Tour

Unlike a scripted promotional video, Xarpie Labs creates interactive and informative 360 virtual tours that may be hosted on a website or immersively viewed in virtual reality (VR). We believe the true ‘feel’ of a resort, hotel or even mystery travel, need not be restricted to photographs and video content only

3d rendering



The Ibnii –
VR Sales Experience


Tamarind Tree –
Web Experience  

case study

Xarpie Labs solution enabled 90% of clients to recce a resort property remotely

“Xarpie Labs built a web experience for The Tamarind Tree to capture a 360 experience of the entire resort property and functional areas. Magic of daylight and nighttime – both have been captured to reflect contrasting mood settings.”

 “The [Xarpie Labs’] response time has been impressive. The team is technically sound.”

– Neeraja Nagarajan & Arvind Elangovan, Business Development


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