How essential has Google Maps become for us in recent years! It has changed the way we navigate, travel, and get information about local businesses. Navigation has become faster and easier. Real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and public transport information have brought in new dynamics to the definition of satellite navigation. 

Google maps street view, is a virtual representation of our surroundings on Google Maps, consisting of millions of panoramic images. Street View’s content comes from two sources – Google and contributors. Through collective efforts, it enables people everywhere to virtually explore the world.

Increased online footfall, resulting in increased site visits for real estate as well as more bookings for hospitality industry

Studies have shown that a Google listing with photos and virtual tours is twice as likely to generate interest among the users and customers. Businesses such as restaurants and hotels already use this feature to their advantage. Their customers are encouraged to check out the property virtually. Studies have shown that there has been an increase in hospitality reservations or bookings, as google 360 walkthroughs provide a much better experience than 2D images. Check our 3D rendering and 3D walkthrough services for hotel & resorts.

Professionally produced virtual tours are being executed in such high-quality formats that one can zoom in and see everything closely to get a clear idea of what that business is all about.

Even the Real Estate industry is leveraging this feature. Customers can now explore a property sitting in the comforts of their home. Google 360 walkthrough is especially advantageous in that they let you explore the neighborhood, which is an important criterion for the home/office buyer during their decision-making process. Check our 3-D Rendering and 3-D walkthrough services for real estate

Virtual reality is poised to become a tangible force in our daily lives. Virtual world has expanded its reach. It allows for bewitching experiences in travel and tourism, learning interactively in education, and even making progress in medical technology.

ROI? A no-brainer.

One of the major benefits of Google 360 walkthrough is that it can last forever. Google hosts your content and it would remain on Google until you delete it! The photography and production costs are relatively inexpensive when compared to studio photography and home staging, and one would only incur a one-time fee for processing and publishing.

Using specialized equipment, 360-degree photography is a technique to capture the entire surrounding of a location instead of just a single camera perspective. It can be produced by anyone who has a smartphone and some easy tools. But for a good quality image, you may require the right equipment and a professional for optimizing and stitching the images together.  The quality of the image matters a great deal in attracting good engagement with one’s customers. It is advised to contact a trusted professional photographer or a company that is an expert in capturing 360 images for producing the best quality output required for your business.

Improve your Google business listing

These are just a few suggestions to optimize your Google MyBusiness listing which could get you ranked higher on Google. These virtual tours can be vital to increasing online traffic for your business and are also recommended highly by Google itself.

With over 65% of all internet searches taking place on Google, creating an optimized Google MyBusiness listing complete with a Google virtual tour should be the top priority for any business owner.




— The power of media-rich map listings by Google Street View