Real Estate Visualization

Spatial visualisation: 360 degree walkthroughs & 3D renders.
Clientele: Real estate developers, marketing and sales agencies, IPCs, realtors, interior designers & architects.

Hospitality Visualisation
Captured and photorealistic 360-degree visualization using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
Clientele: For showcasing properties online as well as in trade shows.
Simulations in Healthcare

Xarpie Labs creates immersive, interactive visualization and simulation experiences to equip healthcare professionals with safe, contactless, virtual training. Training covers preventive and operational handling of equipments and also familiarisation with facilities and hospital infrastructure.

3D Furniture Modeling

Product visualization – at product design and modeling stage.

Our Virtual Retail Solutions cover product visualization for web-based and in-store experiences. Our retail solutions cover virtual stores and virtual, online product configurators.

3d furniture modeling services

3d furniture modeling services

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