L&D Solutions

Xarpie Labs creates immersive simulation training platforms for process and hazmat industries, requiring precision and having high socio-economic impact.

VR and AR training have proved:

  • increased learning retention,
  • improved response time,
  • aiding recall,
  • inculcating correct responses to scenarios,
  • without any language barrier, using multilingual audio prompts.

Operator Training

Training machine operators and shop floor workers only through classroom sessions is not enough. Xarpie Labs provides immersive technology platforms for equipment and operator training and can be customized for any machinery, equipment or process as per industry specifications.

Employee Orientation and Induction

Virtual employee induction and onboarding process allows a progressive organization to reduce the human dependency largely by recreating classroom instruction into immersive, interactive, self-servicing content. Xarpie Labs’ employee orientation and induction platforms familiarize and acclimatize your new workforce with the organization’s knowledge, workflows, facilities and operations.

Safety Assessment and Training Programs

Safety assessment is a structured method of ensuring the risks to the health, safety and wellbeing of employees (and others) are suitably eliminated, reduced or controlled.

Xarpie Labs’ safety assessment and training platform covers all aspects of health and safety:

  • Workplace Safety Protocol
  • Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Protocol 
  • Sign off Protocol 
  • Risk Avoidance and Risk Mitigation Protocol 
  • Incident Management and Reporting 
  • Emergency Evacuation Drills
VR Training



Safety Training Assessment

The use of Employee VR onboarding by IKEA

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Virtual Reality Health and Safety Training

Zero harm and better productivity. These are the core objectives when it comes to Health and Safety training and with the inclusion of technology-assisted learning like Virtual Reality, the future of risk reports and profit margins could look much brighter.  How...

VR Forklift Training for L&D Sector – Forklift simulator training

Forklifts are complex and potentially hazardous vehicles that should be driven by trained operators only. Despite this, it’s not unheard of for untrained workers to try to use forklifts, thus significantly increasing the risk of onsite accidents. OSHA and other safety...

Virtual Sales Training is crucial for your business. Learn why!

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VR based virtual employee induction programs have 2X content retention as compared to conventional learning formats

Current times have brought in high volatility in the job market and have made the economy dubious. And yet, organizations are still adding employees and contractors to fuel their growth and mostly, to ensure survival. The speed and effectiveness at which an employee...

Is knowledge of JIT, Kaizen, CPM enough for specialized manufacturing?

Kaizen, CPM, line-balancing, JIT, MRP - I, MRP - II, HSE… Every manufacturer knows these terms, is well acquainted with their definitions, and most of them even know how to adopt these practices in their current workflow. These constitute the basic requirements of any...

Immersive visualization creates 3x employment opportunities

When French sociologist, philosopher, and cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard warned that simulation would soon “replace the real”, it really seemed like an outrageous prediction in 1891. Thanks to the entrepreneurial leadership of Paul Allen, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs,...

Xarpie Lab’s digital stores solution helps Dell Technologies understand and advise customers using virtual reality

Dell Small Business is planning to double its business in 2019-2020. The technology giant is actively expanding across India. They have established the Small Business Solutions Center (SBSC) with an aim of bringing its products and solutions closer to its customers....

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