In light of the global pandemic and the repercussions that came with it, import and export have taken a major hit. With transportation slowed down significantly, a lot of nations have had to halt their manufacturing processes or even shut down the manufacturing units altogether due to the unavailability of raw materials which are majorly produced by China. And well, we are all aware of the recent changes in international dynamics with respect to that. 

But these strained relations with China, also mean for a lot of nations including India having to significantly increase their production of raw materials without compromising the quality. With China being in the line of fire owing to the outbreak of a global pandemic, the global market is looking up to India to step in. 

Recently, a panel discussion was organised named “Competing with the Dragon” – the context being, whether India can step up and reduce its dependence on Chinese imports or not. Mr. Sri Karumbati, CIO Stumpp, Schuele & Somappa Group and chairman, ACMA Digital, who also happens to be the CTO at Xarpie Labs was one of the panelists. 

According to Sri, “As regards timing, there are many geographies that are rethinking about their relations with China. So, the timing cannot be any better to make a leap. There’s a saying that even elephants fall and, in this case, even dragons can fall.” 

We completely agree with Sri’s line of thought. Do you?!

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