*The source of cover image is sciencenode.org (IUPUC Nursing Lab)

COVID-19 has triggered a set of paradoxes in the world. On one hand, it has isolated people, but on the other, we are more open to sharing, learning and helping. Mass lockdowns and self-quarantine have become the new world order. There is the fear of exposure to the virus from those already diagnosed, or even from silent carriers. Despite the risk, it’s heartening to see frontline healthcare workers power on, fearlessly, in quiet but fierce commitment to heal the ailing. It is a time for industries such as ours, in immersive technology, to step up and out – to help where it is needed. Calling Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) technologies to the center stage. ‘Contactless’ virtual assistants/training programs and services for lab and machine technicians, healthcare workers – is the need of the hour!

So, how can Xarpie Labs contribute? Our team of 3D artists are ready to model equipment and environments. Our developers will code the virtual program. Our creative team will craft a simulated experience. Thus, we can make virtual training programs ready for COVID-19 healthcare workers.

Useful to hospitals, and more importantly for newly inducted graduates and freshers who need to be deployed to field quickly, and who will not have the luxury to shadow and train with experienced pulmonologists, doctors and nurses during #NationalLockdown in #COVIDIndia. 

If you need virtual training programs or services in healthcare, reach out asap to hello@xarpie.com

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Image Credits: https://sciencenode.org/feature/Preparing%20for%20real%20life%20with%20VR.php
Video Credits: Cleveland Clinic