The CEO Story, is a prodigious website, about entrepreneurs and business leaders. It not only covers exceptional excursions of the A-listed business tycoons but also emphasizes achievements of high potential SMEs on serious growth trajectories. Profiles featured here emphasize on the challenges faced, successes achieved and the services provided by a company under the leadership of their CEO along with the company’s profile. 

And it is our absolute honor to announce that The CEO Story India has identified Xarpie Labs LLP under their ‘Company of the Year 2020’ editorial. 

Ever since our inception in 2018, we have faced multitude of challenges, received industry recognition in the form of the NASSCOM award 2019 for Emerging Technologies,  and made it to the list of top 20 AR/VR companies shortlisted by CIOReviewIndia (also in 2019), all under the leadership of our “Guide” Murali Arikara.

Who is our Guide? 

Veteran in clean energy management, including hands-on building of Electric Vehicles, Murali leads our young team through reliable processes delivering quality by design. The engineer in him tinkers on architecting solutions and prototypes. This kalaripayattu disciple displays the cool demeanor of a ‘survivor’ and is dearly referred to as the ‘Guide’ by his team. Murali has used the Work From Home phase to get enviously fit and managed to trim off all that’s unnecessary, quite literally!

Highlights of the “Company of the year 2020” press feature

Murali speaks about R&D at Xarpie Labs, “As mentioned, we are invested in continuous research and development. We must be updated with the latest in technology (software and hardware) developments. Our marketing and technology teams scout for relevant news and industry trends. We test technology integrations and market acceptance all the time. This has helped us open our capability to newer industries like robotics and AI.”

Our stance on work culture and ethics is to be:

S– Self-regulated

M– Motivated



T– Time-bound

Murali’s message to readers

“From the very beginning, we were clear that we wanted to be a product company.  The challenge of creating products in an ecosystem like India, where services contribute to over 60% of the economy, is unique.  Critical to overcoming the challenge is a mindset change. We must look at a market to understand the problem and then develop the technology to solve it.  As a services business, we are good at executing when we are told what to do.  As a product company, we have to start with a ‘why’ to get to the ‘what’.

We strongly believe that the economic growth envisioned for India will come about with a shift from services to a product economy. Xarpie Labs would like to be known as one of the pioneers in developing unique technology products in India for the world.”

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