We won! That’s right, the newest team under the umbrella of Machani Group, Xarpie Labs, has started to imprint its footprints on the sands of time. Xarpie Labs was awarded its first national-level recognition as an Emerging Technology startup in the category of Automation at the NASSCOM annual technology conference (NATC) event held at Gurugram on 26th & 27th August 2019. Who would have thought a team of people/techies who used to work out of the basement at Bungalow 375 had the zeal to bring notable recognition for its business so early since its inception.

Automation! In our economy, we regularly watch startups thrust into the spotlight, oftentimes too soon. Sustainability of a business idea does not depend upon how effectively we address the market problem but on why is it important for us to solve it. Most entrepreneurs emphasize on addressing ‘how’ first without defining the ‘why’, which actually makes them good sprinters, but does not edify or validate them for the business marathon.

Xarpie Labs’ CEO Murali Arikara with NASSCOM Award.

Xarpie Labs, with its project-based business of creating distinct, unique solutions for multiple industry segments, have also tried to identify a ‘why’ for the real estate industry. It is purely out of our sheer interest in reason and needs – Why? Because we value the end-customer’s time. Why? Because we want visual information to be right and true to real projects. And again, why? Because we want affordable and mid-segment builders to have access to tools that are affordable, convenient, and easy to use, otherwise available only at the disposal of premium segment players. Xarpie Labs, at its core principle of ‘Quality by Design’, has been working on creating a visualization platform for the real estate market to help builders ‘take’ their projects closer to their prospects.

The visualization platform will be a stand-alone application giving builders the freedom to design their own visual narrative of projects, deliver the pitch in line with the brand – all with minimal dependencies on endpoints. The application will provide flexibility for builders to stage their property (both interior and exterior), play with different themes and mood settings, create multiple visual narratives for their end-customers, and all of this in an immersive output format. Xarpie Labs’ real estate platform is being automated under three different verticals – 3D assets modeling, base-platform-independent application, and creative storytelling. This integrates 3 different ecosystems of skills and can be scaled easily.

We could talk a lot about the platform but we have our IPs to protect, so let’s connect and discuss over coffee on how we can take your real estate project to a larger market base and share your project’s story in a completely immersive format.

Let’s take your project to your customer