Talking device experience for Museums: An exhibition of curated artefacts from the 20th century which recorded or aided communication.

Brief given to Xarpie Labs: How do we educate and enable interaction with artefacts without actual physical touching of objects from the museum’s century-old archives?

At Xarpie Labs we have taken every challenge thrown at us with open arms, embraced, and understood it to make our client’s imagination a reality. The road to building the language of tomorrow is long, yet every mile makes us want to speed towards another milestone. In this fascinating journey of discovering new opportunities and facilitating visualization and simulation, Xarpie Labs reached another milestone. 

Exhibition: Talking Devices – an experiential exhibition of devices for museums

We had the privilege of being chosen as technology partners for a special exhibition titled “Talking Devices”, held at the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore. The exhibit consisted of curated devices from the last century. Those that quite literally rang a bell in the visitors’ minds! Original HMV gramophones, turn-tables, Thomas Edison phonographs, Murphy radios, vinyl records, and working prototypes: a plethora of other exhibits left curious visitors in intrigue. 

HMV Gramophones: Talking device experience for Museums

What Xarpie Labs created for the museum exhibit

Xarpie Labs created a perfect blend of the digital and analog worlds through the development of an Augmented Reality (AR) application for one very special device at the exhibit, the original HMV gramophone. 

How does AR aid education?

‘Education through experience’ is the engine of thought driving our application. The quick demo focused on educating the visitor through hands-on experience of operating a gramophone. Our talking device experience for museums included a step-by-step instruction process of opening the lid, rotating the record, and placing the pin was pivotal in making the user understand the functioning of such a device. Immersive interactions such as viewing an assembly of labeled gramophone parts, changing LPs or vinyl records, infographics, and track speed functionality left visitors, children, and adults alike, glued to the experience from start to end. 

Immersive interactions for your museums and exhibitions

Staying true to the founding pillars of Xarpie Labs, the Augmented Reality (AR) application provided a clear and concise glimpse into the archived device. The Augmented Reality (AR) application offered a perfect combination of the use of existing technology with a unique blend of modern immersive technology. This unique combination of technologies can forge a new path for learning and education. Complex concepts, instructions, and commonly inaccessible environments can be explored using immersive technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). With this in mind, we race towards the next milestone by asking ourselves and our clients a simple yet limitless question, “What’s the next big thing in learning and education?”

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