During this pandemic, we have realized how utterly important our healthcare system is. We would like to offer our capability in whatever way possible and thank all healthcare warriors for their exemplary work. Frontline healthcare workers are tirelessly working to help people who are suffering from COVID-19. It is a fact that none of the countries were prepared to face a global pandemic but in hindsight, the fact remains that we were not aware of how harmful this virus would be. Today, hospitals are experiencing an increased load on young caregivers especially with the reduced availability of experienced and senior doctors. We have noticed that training newly inducted doctors or nurses has been a difficult task for the already overwhelmed healthcare system. What if we had virtual assistant training programs and services which could directly help the COVID-19 situation?

Virtual assistant training programs for Healthcare professionals

Xarpie Labs suggests virtual assistant training services for medical staff through the use of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and web-based solutions. VR takes the viewer into a digitally created world with complete immersion, blocking out the physical world. Recreating a real-life situation, let’s say, ventilator training for medical staff can be done through creating a 3D model of the ventilator and explaining intubation and the working of it in a completely digital format without needing to be exposed in a hospital environment. Virtual assistant training programs will save on time and cost of training for medical staff. Not to forget the fact that it can be “safe”, “contactless” training. Once trained and evaluated, caregivers can then be assigned on the field. Additionally, the use of digital reality and visual/tactile experiences have proved to increase memory retention and yield better training results. 

As the world adapts to virtual conferencing, universities, and schools deploying virtual classes during this CoronaVirus pandemic, it is time that we make healthcare training also virtual and immersive. Virtual assistant training programs will help even medical support staff, who may not be treating patients directly, but are also susceptible to getting infected. Virtual assistant training content can cover the basics of hygiene and related procedures that staff has to follow on-premises in order to protect themselves and care for others.

Some medical equipment designs like Medtronic PB560 have been made publicly available for equipment manufacturers to increase the production and therefore supply of much-needed ventilators. Another use case for immersive virtual training can be identified here.

Virtual assistant training services for Healthcare equipment manufacturers

Medical equipments are expensive machines and complex contraptions to manufacture and maintain. Both processes need a trained and experienced workforce. Training of newly inducted factory workers is a tedious and time-consuming task. In today’s situation, any extra contact with others is also not warranted. A virtual assistant training program can enable the equipment manufacturer to train his/her workforce faster, more efficiently, and safely! With the manufacturing of new equipment, there’s also maintenance of equipment. In our virtual assistant training sample (see video), user-generated actions and other variables are being tracked and recorded in the backend. The idea is to generate user-centric reports for newly inducted medical staff and provide a comprehensive report to their manager by running analytics on the recorded data. The goal is to get increased efficiency and better results.


We believe virtual assistant training in the field of healthcare especially during pandemic times such as COVID-19, is a necessity, not a luxury. It will assist the preparation of more healthcare professionals and will also help in stopping the spread, through containment and reduced exposure while training. Medical equipment manufacturers can make use of these virtual assistant training programs as a quick, safe solution for the challenges they are facing currently and also find a long term solution to save on resources and efforts.

If you’re looking for a team to help you do something extraordinary in AR, VR, or XR, drop an email to hello@xarpie.com. Creating meaningful immersive solutions has always been Xarpie Labs’ reason for existence. We’ll build you a roadmap to get there.