Forklifts are complex and potentially hazardous vehicles that should be driven by trained operators only. Despite this, it’s not unheard of for untrained workers to try to use forklifts, thus significantly increasing the risk of onsite accidents. OSHA and other safety regulatory bodies require proper forklift safety training for all workers driving a powered industrial truck (the technical term for a forklift). In fact, OSHA finds that a full 25% of forklift accidents can be traced back to a lack of proper forklift training. This is where VR Forklift training can play a vitally important role.

To be certified as a forklift operator, an employee must receive appropriate forklift training and a complete evaluation of his or her skills. Thorough knowledge of forklift operating procedures is required, which includes pre-shift maintenance, safety measures, and forklift operation. Training is carried out under the supervision of an experienced individual who can safely and effectively train and evaluate others.

VR Forklift training is broken down into two sections: formal discussion and practical training. Formal discussion may take the form of online forklift certification, classroom lectures, video modules, written materials, and web-based learning. Practical training includes demonstrations of forklift operating procedures by the trainer and practical training exercises for the employee that cover the following considerations such as:

  • Hazardous locations,
  • Load stability,
  • Narrow aisle operations,
  • Pedestrian awareness,
  • Ramps and surfaces affecting stability,
  • Stacking and unstacking loads.

Forklift operation certifications and evaluations should be carefully documented by the organization. Should documentation not be available, penalties and fines can occur. Documentation and certification should include: 

  • Employee name,
  • The date of training,
  • Evaluation dates,
  • The name of the person or organization who performed training or evaluations.

Where does Forklift simulator training fit in? 

Virtual reality is a term used to describe a 3D, computer-generated environment that can be experienced by a person, and which is similar to real-life experience. Virtual Reality forklift training software is therefore key. The person experiencing VR forklift training, in this case, a forklift operator, will be able to look around as if they are actually present in a real-life scenario. The person will also be able to move objects in the virtual world and perform certain tasks.

In Virtual Reality forklift training software, the virtually created environment includes practical, everyday tasks for forklift drivers. This immersive experience has proved to demonstrate better memory and learning retention with much more efficient results from training. It has been accepted by the industry that safety training is a must, and now virtual reality or VR training can actually be a new way forward for better results.

Another major benefit of VR forklift training is that ir minimizes safety and cost risks that often occur when training your warehouse workers, shop floor workers, maintenance workers, or aisle workers. Forklift simulator training eliminates the safety and cost risks that can come with inexperienced workers operating a forklift. Inside a typical  Forklift training software program, mistakes can be made and learned from, and tasks can be performed without any risk of injury or damage of property. Certain emergency situations or high-stress movements can also be simulated.


A forklift in untrained hands is an accident waiting to happen. Certified operators trained in forklift operating procedures help keep your workplace as safe as possible. VR forklift training will not only help in cost reduction in terms of resources spent and time invested in the process but also assist in reducing the dependency on physical training and make this process fairly digitized. Virtual Reality forklift training software can therefore play a vital role.

At an industry level, there are many more specific use cases and benefits of virtual reality or VR for training. If you are looking for a remote solution that helps in training individuals for your organization, please write to us at for your queries.

Video Credits: Forklift-Simulator