Hardware and software solutions are sold online and through partner channels. Offline store models for information technology infrastructure naturally choose flagship centres in a central business district (CBD) of metropolitan cities. Tying promotions and campaigns with startup ecosystems are alternate and obvious ways to capture newer markets. But what’s really missing is a communicative interface to duly comprehend the market pulse and promote only relevant solutions.

The entire technology sales journey needs to be redrawn using all knowledge areas – from consumer behaviour, detailed breakdown of products and offerings, as well as a redesign of the entire experience. Digital reality (an umbrella term including virtual and augmented reality) is changing the entire storyboard. Imagine delving into a relevant virtual world for your very own personal retail experience. This scenario can be likened to the concept of simulated lucid dreaming used in the Leonardo DiCaprio film, Inception.

Virtual sales lounges are looking to disrupt retail. Almost the way e-commerce threatened offline retail. One fundamental challenge still remains: that of truly understanding consumers, their requirements and then serving relevant services and products. This builds credibility on the part of the seller and of course, there’s the occasional enticement to indulge.

Using time-tested principles of behavioural psychology and market mania, digital stores can very well augment sales. With less drama and even lesser invasion of privacy, they can actually be efficient in cost optimization. A one-time investment can bring down expensive downtown store rentals, heavy salaries of urban human resources (not to mention mood-dependent sales pitch!) – all while the brand continues to manage its inventory and deliver a consistent sales experience. Redundant offerings may easily be pulled off ‘store shelves’. Virtually no dilution of brand messaging, with all the familiarity of in-store promotions!

Some of us at Xarpie Labs would love to watch a virtual concert and run a quick break into retail therapy! Would you?


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