Dell Small Business is planning to double its business in 2019-2020. The technology giant is actively expanding across India. They have established the Small Business Solutions Center (SBSC) with an aim of bringing its products and solutions closer to its customers. Special mention needs to be made of SBSC’s showcasing of commercial products and solutions, otherwise not experienced in store formats.

Dell believes in “building connect with customers”. Understanding of consumer requirements is directly proportional to the efficacy of the conversation or process with the small business owner, who may or may not be able to articulate requirements in strictly technical terms. Added challenge is the difficulty in translation of advised solutions to the customer in a consistent and clear manner each time. The entire mechanism is currently dependent on human resources and their ability to process and communicate information.

This lead to two fundamental questions:

  • How does one identify consumer requirements?
  • How do we explain our solutions in a manner which is simple to understand and easy to remember

The team at Xarpie Labs got into the shoes of Dell Technologies’ business heads. We learnt of their products, understood their approach and concerns, collaborated, and then crafted a solution to address both the questions. With our technology champion at the client end itself, we partnered with Dell Small Business to introduce digital reality with automation, yet customised to every SME! Now, the customer’s needs are understood well and trusted solutions are served through an immersive experience of what technology to invest in.

The concept is approved and being architected for market, expecting to reach Dell SBSC by early FY 2020-21. Dell Technologies and Xarpie Labs are continuously working to enhance the consumer experience and the VR solution is expected to reach retail stores also by early FY 2020-21.

Once micro level data repositories are built, scalability is easy with data analysis and market studies.


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Dell Technologies

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