Virtual Training in Healthcare

Xarpie Labs creates immersive, interactive visualization and simulation experiences for industries requiring precision and effecting high impact. As part of its COVID-19 outreach, our company, with its strong background in engineering and design, is preparing virtual training & simulation solutions for overwhelmed healthcare systems. With the hep of virtual training for healthcare workers. We will equip healthcare professionals with safe, contactless, virtual training. Such training can be served over a web browser/application with 360-degree interactive movement within the virtual or simulated environments.

Ventilator Training Simulator

As simulation experts, we can build a virtual training simulator that will quickly prepare and increase the supply of trained medical personnel. Intubation is a critical aspect that requires hands-on training. The same technology can be extended to other emergency medical equipment even in the ICU.

Medical Support Training

Virtual training on Installations and set up of medical equipment, operational and hygiene procedures – all this can be undertaken using our capability.





Covid19 and contactless virtual training for healthcare workers

“COVID-19 has triggered a set of paradoxes in the world. Mass lockdowns and self-quarantine have become the new world order. There is the fear of exposure to the virus from those already diagnosed, or even from silent carriers. Despite the risk, it’s heartening to see frontline healthcare workers power on, fearlessly, in a quiet but fierce commitment to heal the ailing. It is a time for industries such as ours, in immersive technology, to step up and out – to help where it is needed.”

“Our team of 3D artists is ready to model equipment and environments. Our developers will code the virtual program. Our creative team will craft a simulated experience. Thus, we can make virtual training programs ready for COVID-19 healthcare workers.”

So, how can we contribute? Download the presentation on solutions Xarpie Labs’ has created for virtual training in healthcare.


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