“Technology has helped Machani Group’s brand positioning. The [Xarpie Labs] team’s ability to get the story right and its translation have helped us immensely.”
– Shashidhar C R, CEO

Design and Prototyping have proved their value over the centuries. It’s no surprise why sketches, drawings, videos, and renders continue to evolve as technology supports better and more realistic visualizations. Futuristic and surreal concepts, especially in architectural visualization too, engage the viewer with ideas and possibilities – way before a project is commissioned for execution.

Virtual prototyping also helps get a sense of the real space. Design flaws may be captured early. This brings down rework and associated costs dramatically.

A unique real estate brand, Svasa Homes , created the promise of a lifestyle, an exceptional residential apartment community in the heart of Basavanagudi, Bangalore, and showcased its unique concept of living to potential subscribers even before the project commenced on ground. A presentation was made at an intimate gathering hosted at the proposed project’s architects’ residence before the project was launched.

An immersive, visual journey took guests through the project. This made them ‘see’ a dream. Many of them invested in the project at the pre-launch stage itself.

In short, using immersive virtual reality (VR), Xarpie Labs’ solution helped Machani Infra Development sell 30% of its inventory during the pre-launch phase itself.

Creating the virtual layouts has helped Svasa Homes plan the project with special focus on movement and accessibility, especially in common areas. Sourcing and placement of curated art and artefacts have been possible because of ‘availability’ of the final destination, even before the physical construction was undertaken.

As the project plans got more detailed with added collaborators in the form of architects and designers, the VR solution underwent more inclusions and sound inputs. This is aiding the project’s  marketing and sales teams greatly.


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