“The [Xarpie Labs’] response time has been impressive. The team is technically sound.”
– Neeraja Nagarajan & Arvind Elangovan, Business Development

The Tamarind Tree, created 35 years ago to be an artful home, evolved alongside nature to become a magical yet understated heritage hideaway in south Bangalore, India.

The ambience of the property eludes pictures alone. The property is evocative of tradition and romance; its antiques mystically seeped with stories, it is a perfect allure for those who wish to celebrate the bonds of marriage or simply soak in timelessness, while being accessed through a metropolitan city. How does one take a taste of the experience across oceans to subscribers of such getaways or destination weddings?

It is a fact in hospitality that travelers spend about 59 seconds navigating your website and clicking through your pictures. If they aren’t impressed, they’ll move right along.

Xarpie Labs built a web experience for The Tamarind Tree to capture a 360 experience of the entire resort property and functional areas. Magic of daylight and nighttime – both have been captured to reflect contrasting mood settings.

This allowed potential clients to make decisions about the venue for their celebratory events. It even helped them plan logistics, placements, and decorations with event managers. All at the comfort of their own geographical locations, thousands of miles away.

Xarpie Labs optimised technology to create an aesthetic visual journey which also loaded easily across most digital devices and browsers. 90% of clients visit the tour remotely and make informed decisions. Marketing teams also report a 35% increase in their digital outreach, especially in overseas markets, due to the availability of 360 property tours.

Clearly, technology crafted with expertise and scripted storytelling has bridged distances across continents.


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