“This [ Real Estate Visualization ] helped our prospects to understand the project’s finer elements much better. Extremely efficient, proactive and knowledgeable team.”

— Shinoy Simon, VP Sales

Svasa Homes designed and launched a unique luxury residential apartment community. This real estate project was envisioned to be one of its kinds in Bangalore, set in the heart of Basavanagudi and overlooking the lush greens of Ramakrishna Ashram. As more interior and landscape designers and architects continued to collaborate on detailing the project, Xarpie Labs helped realize the vision through each art piece, artifact, facade, and element – all rendered virtually and seamlessly integrated to allow a visitor to take a virtual walk through the wonders of the project. Let’s see what this Bangalore based technology company did for real estate visualization.

The sheer scale and size of any real estate product are best experienced on a site visit. That makes it harder to convince prospects to visit the property. It is not a product that can be demonstrated in conventional sales kits.

Advancement in technology, both in terms of mobility in hardware and matching skill in developing content, can bridge this gap. Xarpie Labs created solutions for Machani Infra Development Corp to display the project virtually and also provide mobility in influencer marketing.

The Bali-inspired landscape, a rather extravagant clubhouse, infinity pool, and various other spectacular features could now be ‘taken’ to prospective customers wherever they were. VR headsets lend a perfect case to bring customers closer to a real estate developer’s vision. The immersion is complete with no visual and auditory distractions. 

Svasa Homes’ technology solution is now enabled with music and audio prompts. Paired with the storyboard of the site tour, it has taken over 80% of the sales pitch, often conducted disparately by less experienced marketing associates. Xarpie Labs’ visualization solution leaves no property tour highlights to chance. It delivers a consistent brand message all the way through while warming up and nurturing prospects right into sales discussions. Interactive 360 walkthroughs, web-based and VR, are here to stay.

So, is your marketing and sales experience immersive yet?


1. Xarpie Labs helped sell 30% of real estate inventory during pre-launch phase itself
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